Umbrella Insurance in Texas

What Is an Umbrella Policy?

An umbrella policy in Texas will help extend your existing coverage limits for your homeowners and auto insurance. For example, if you have a liability of $500,000 on your homeowner's insurance but are required to pay $750,000 due to an accident that occurs on your property, you are on the hook for the additional $250,000 without umbrella insurance. Umbrella policies also provide additional coverage that is not typically covered under home and auto policies. These coverages include libel, invasion of privacy, false arrest, and slander. Umbrella policies can also help pay for any attorney fees if another party tries to sue you.

Who Should Have Umbrella Insurance?

Everyone can benefit from umbrella insurance in Brownwood, TX and throughout the state, but there are some that are more at risk than others. It’s important to remember that if you are sued, all your assets are at risk, including any future ones. If your home has a pool or a trampoline, you could be at higher risk for injuries and can be sued for injuries even if you didn’t give the injured party permission to use these amenities. If you have a long commute to work, you are spending more time on the roads and, therefore, have a higher risk of getting into an accident where you could be sued for injuries and damages. Anything that increases your risk of being sued makes having an umbrella policy a more attractive option.

Assets that can be at risk in Texas include your home, vehicles, and the contents of our home, as well as your savings account, including college funds and inheritances from parents. While you could increase the limits of your homeowners and auto insurance policies to stay protected, it usually makes more financial sense to get an umbrella policy, and you benefit from the additional coverage it provides. An agent at Robnett Integra Insurance Services can help you look at your risk and determine how much umbrella coverage is necessary for your situation.

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