RV Insurance in Texas

Traveling in an RV camper is a lot of fun for families across Texas, as it allows a convenience of home that cannot be matched by hotels. RVs also have the ability to fit in most places, and campgrounds around are accommodating for the RV traveler. Because of the vast number of places RVs can travel to, most owners secure their RVs and experiences with RV Insurance. Robnett Integra Insurance Services has an RV insurance plan for residents in or around the Brownwood, TX area.

RV Qualifications

All RVs are usually standard with utilities found within a standard home.

  • Heating/Cooling
  • Refrigerator
  • Restroom/Shower

Whether you opt for a motorhome that can be driven with a living quarters or a travel trailer to haul behind your vehicle, both RVs qualify for insurance coverage and protection.

Vacation Liability

One of the best features of an RV Insurance policy is vacation liability. Whether you are traveling in Texas or to another state, this coverage has proven to be valuable for RV owners. This coverage protects you when your RV is being operated as a mobile home and parked while on vacation. Should a situation arise involving your parked RV, coverage protection will be enabled. While campgrounds are tons of fun for the family, life can happen, and liability coverage is necessary.

Extended Coverage

Some RV owners utilize their RV campers for extended periods of time, essentially living out of them for months out of the year. These owners tend to carry more wealth and valuable personal items with them because of the extended stay. In this situation, extended coverage found in an RV insurance policy will protect your contents as well as your RV. It can protect your RV and the contents within from theft and burglaries that may arise while you are out on the open road.

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