Flood Insurance in Texas

Should You Have Flood Insurance in Texas?

The state doesn’t require you to have flood insurance, but you may have to purchase it as part of your mortgage loan if your home is in a high-risk flood zone. Even if you aren’t required to buy insurance or you aren’t in a high-risk zone, it’s still a good thing to invest in. Texas has some of the highest property damage costs due to flooding, and about one in four flood losses can occur in floodplains that aren’t considered high risk. There are many weather events in the state that can cause flooding including heavy rains, hurricanes, and other tropical storms. If the area is declared a federal emergency after the storm, you still might not get enough money to cover the damage, and the average loan is less than $10,000. With flood insurance, you get your money to start recovering faster and don’t have to pay it back, unlike a federal disaster loan.

What Will Flood Insurance Cover?

Each policy is slightly different in Brownwood, TX and throughout the state, and each policy will only cover certain aspects. An agent at Robnett Integra Insurance Services can help you understand what is covered in your policy.

These items are generally covered under a policy:

  • Standard home systems, which include the water heater, plumbing, air conditioner, and electrical system.
  • Carpeting and installed features, such as bookcases and built-in cabinets.
  • Personal property and appliances, such as the refrigerator and washing machine. These appliances are covered unless kept in a basement and this also goes for personal belongings, such as clothing and furniture.
  • Foundation and support structures, including staircases if they are built into the house.

Even with the available coverage, there are also a lot of exclusions that you need to be aware of. The damage that occurs to the basement isn’t covered. If flood damage is caused by a backed-up sewer, that too is usually not covered.

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