Reasons your life insurance may be canceled

Life insurance gives security to your loved ones if you are no longer there to provide for them. That makes it very important. Keeping it from getting canceled is vital to their financial security. At Robnett Integra Insurance Services in Brownwood, TX, we offer many affordable life insurance options that can provide the necessary safety net. 

The most common reason your life insurance may be canceled is the non-payment of the premium. Most life insurance policies offer a variety of payment options. You can pay yearly, monthly, or quarterly. If you have chosen annually and find that you can’t make that payment, you should be able to call your agent and request that you change to a monthly option. If you don’t have an agent, your insurance company website should allow you to make the change, or you can give them a call. 

Most insurance companies have options to help you to keep your policy. They don’t want to lose you as a customer, so don’t be afraid to call to negotiate with them.

Another reason your life insurance may be canceled is that the carrier discovers that you lied on your application. Not answering questions truthfully is a big issue. You may think that lying about a medical condition or whether or not you smoke is not a big deal, but it is, and it could cost you your policy. 

The good news is that your life insurance policy can’t be canceled because you get older or get sick. Even if you start to smoke late in life, you are safe. Buying other insurance won’t hurt you a bit.  

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Life insurance FAQs

Having questions about life insurance is not something unusual. Most people are not experts on the subject. That’s why having an expert on your side in the form of your local independent insurance agent is so important. In Brownwood, TX, that is Robnett Integra Insurance Services. We are dedicated to providing the highest possible level of service and getting to know the needs of our customers. This allows us to customize your insurance. 

Do I need life insurance if I am young and single?

If you have no dependents and no significant debt, and have enough money to pay for your final expenses, then no, you don’t. But, the prices will never be better, so it is an excellent time to acquire your first insurance policy as a plan for your future. 

Can I borrow money from my life insurance policy?

A whole life insurance policy earns dividends and is not just about the death benefit. Yes, you will be able to borrow from a whole life policy, but keep in mind this needs to be repaid, or it will affect your death benefit. 

How do I file for the death benefit?

Filing for the death benefit is a relatively painless experience in most cases. Have the necessary information at hand when you contact the insurance company. You can contact them on the phone or the internet. Have the policy number available, and know the deceased’s social security number and birthday. Have the death certificate at hand to answer any questions. 

You will need to send the insurance company a completed form requesting the death benefit and a copy of the death certificate. Using registered mail is always a good idea. 

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When is the Best Time to Buy Life Insurance?

A life insurance plan ensures that your loved ones and other financial interests are protected when you die. But is there such a thing as an ideal time to buy life insurance? The answer might seem complicated, but it’s simple. Are you in a situation where your death could burden others financially? If the answer is yes, you need a life insurance policy from Robnett Integra Insurance Services in Brownwood, TX.

The reality is that we are all in different situations in life. But the good thing is that you can start with coverage that you are comfortable with and adjust as your lifestyle changes. Generally, here are examples of situations that may signal it’s time to buy life insurance.

You are young

Unlike the popular misconception that life insurance is for the old, the opposite is true. You should invest in life insurance when you are young and healthy. At this stage, you are deemed less risky, making your premiums affordable.

You are about to get married

Now that you are about to welcome another person into your life, it’s best to plan your long-term financial security. Being married means that you depend on one another financially. As such, you need life insurance to plug the hole left should one of the spouses die.  

You have kids or are about to start a family

Welcoming a child in your life is a cause for jubilation but also comes with financial responsibilities. With a child in the picture, you need to ensure that their expenses, including education and day-to-day expenses, are catered to even when you die. Life insurance is that safety net to ensure the surviving parent isn’t financially burdened when trying to make ends meet.

Buy life insurance today!

If there is ever a good time to buy life insurance is now. With twists and turns in life, you may never know what tomorrow brings. Ready for a life insurance policy? Would you please get in touch with Robnett Integra Insurance Services in Brownwood, TX?

Who Needs Life Insurance?

No one wants to imagine that their life will come to an abrupt end someday. However, when your demise strikes unexpectedly, you want peace of mind knowing that your family and loved ones will get cushioned financially. To get this protection for your beneficiaries, speak to our agents at Robnett Integra Insurance Services, serving the region of Brownwood, TX and its environs. Acquiring spectacular life insurance will provide funds for your loved ones after your demise to help them settle funeral expenses, living expenses and education costs.

Who needs life insurance?

It’s a challenging question that befalls many Brownwood, TX residents. For you to get a comprehensive answer to this particular question, you need to carry out an assessment of your financial status. Do you have people you cherish in your life, and you have enormous savings to leave to them upon your demise? If not, you need life insurance. Other categories that need life insurance include:

People with dependents

The main role in procuring life insurance is to safeguard your dependents from loss of income after your demise. If you have a spouse, children and other dependents, the death benefits can help your family to survive financial hurdles after you die.

You are a business owner.

If you have established a business entity, you may need life insurance to keep your business thriving. It will also provide your beneficiaries with funding to disband or sell the business, and it could protect another worker who is crucial to the business’s success.


Have you invested sufficiently to ensure that you will relax stress-free with your family after your retirement? Acquiring life insurance is vital because it can free retirees from spending their savings knowing that their dependents will receive the death benefit upon their death. The income accrued can be utilized to settle estate taxes and other prevailing expenses like funeral bills upon their death.

You carry a huge debt.

Your estate will clear most debts you own in your name upon your demise. If you die, bearing debts may throw all the proceeds from your estate into jeopardy. Life insurance can assist you in clearing your debts to avert leaving your beneficiaries with a financial burden.

Do you want to get life insurance that works for you and your loved ones in Brownwood, TX? Contact our agents at Robnett Integra Insurance Services to get your policy started as soon as possible.

Who should get life insurance in Brownwood?

When you are in the Brownwood, TX area, it would be a good idea to consider your life insurance needs. With a life insurance plan, you can offer some future financial protection to those that are named beneficiaries in your plan. There are several scenarios in which someone here should get one of these insurance plans. 

Those that Want to Protect Their Dependents

A situation when someone should get life insurance will come when they want to protect their dependents. If there are people in your life that need you as a source of income for living expenses, you should make sure that they are cared for if you were to pass away. With a full life insurance plan, you can build a policy that offers protection that could be used for living expenses, higher education costs or any other expenses that you see fit.

Those that are Looking for a Conservative Investment Option

A life insurance plan can also be a good option for people that would like to get a conservative investment tool. A whole life plan includes a provision where some of your monthly premium will go into an interest-bearing account. At some point, later on, you can close this account and use the cash for any purpose. This is a low-risk investment that will grow with interest accumulation as well.

You always need to make sure that you are evaluating your insurance needs in the Brownwood, TX area. If life insurance is right for you and your situation, calling Robnett Integra Insurance Services is a good idea. Those that want to call Robnett Integra Insurance Services can receive great support and guidance. This can help ensure you are able to choose a plan that is right for your situation. 

Why should someone get life insurance?

Those that are in the Brownwood, TX area are going to have plenty of specific insurance needs. One type of insurance that all people here should consider getting is life insurance. While this type of insurance does not directly protect your assets or give liability coverage, it still offers very valuable insurance protection. There are many reasons that the average consumer here should consider getting a life insurance policy when they are in this area of Texas.

Insurance Offers Protection to Dependents

The key advantage that comes with having this type of coverage is that can receive protection for your loved ones. If you have people in your life that rely on your income, you will want to ensure they are cared for if you were to pass away unexpectedly. A great way that you can do this is by building a life insurance policy that is curtailed to meet your needs. 

Insurance Can Have Investment Benefits

Another reason to consider getting life insurance is that it can have investment benefits. When you get a whole life insurance policy, a portion of your payment will go into an account that can grow with interest. In the future, you will be able to convert this account into cash. This can make it a good addition to your overall personal investment plan. 

Anyone that is looking for a new life insurance policy in the Brownwood, TX area should call Robnett Integra Insurance Services. When you reach out to the team at Robnett Integra Insurance Services you can learn a lot more about how life insurance can protect you. Based on this evaluation, you will be able to understand the benefits and also choose a policy that gives the right protection and continues to offer you peace of mind. 

What should I think about when getting life insurance?

Those that are in the Brownwood, TX area will need to have many different forms of insurance. One important form of insurance to consider is life insurance. There are a variety of factors to think about when you are shopping for this type of insurance. 

Amount of Coverage Needed

Determining the amount of coverage that you need in life insurance is very important. There are a lot of things to consider, most of which will be the future expenses that you would expect your dependants to incur. Some of these expenses to factor into your assessment include basic living and housing costs, retirement expenses, and costs for higher education. 

Type of Insurance Plan

You should also carefully consider the type of insurance that you should obtain. The most common options type of insurance to consider is term life. With this option, you are able to build a flexible plan that meets your needs in terms of coverage and policy duration and premiums tend to be more affordable. Another option is whole life insurance, which will give you coverage for the rest of your life if you want it. While premiums are higher, you can also use it as a way to invest as the money you pay will accumulate in an account that can be liquidated. 

When you are ready to start looking for life insurance in Brownwood, TX, you will want to make sure that you work with a professional that can provide you with proper guidance. As you are shopping for your next policy, you should call the team at Robnett Integra Insurance Services. When you call Robnett Integra Insurance Services you can learn far more about the different options that you have. They can also assess your personal situation to make sure you get coverage that is appropriate. 

Three Reasons to get Life Insurance

No one wants to think about life insurance because that means we are accepting the fact that someday we are going to die. As morbid and disturbing as it may be to some, there is no way around it. So, whether you are a 20-year-old college student, a 35-year-old soccer mom, or a 63-year-old man waiting to retire, you need life insurance. As difficult as it can be, Robnett Integra Insurance Services in Brownwood, TX can help you through the process.

  1. Wakes & Funerals are Expensive – When a loved one dies, closure is essential, especially if they died young or suddenly. Your family and friends need to be able to say goodbye. The average cost of a wake and funeral is $10,000, a celebration of life or a gathering after the funeral can cost a few additional hundred dollars. If you don’t already have a plot in the cemetery or a headstone, you’re looking on at an additional, few thousand dollars. If you do not have life insurance, who is going to pay for your wake and funeral?
  2. Take Care of Those You’re Leaving Behind – This is especially true if you are the main breadwinner. Your spouse and children will have to continue living after you’re gone, but it may take your spouse a few weeks or months to get back on their feet. The bills still have to be paid, so income is a necessity. Therefore, it’s important to figure out how much your family will need to get by until they can get back on their feet.
  3. Peace of Mind – Who wants to worry about how their wake and funeral will be paid for or how their family will get by when they are gone, not to mention any debt you may leave behind that needs to be paid. Ironically, once you get the life insurance policy, you will feel at peace with it and eventually forget about what your life insurance policy even represents.

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Choosing a Life Insurance Beneficiary

Once you’ve decided to purchase life insurance, the next step is choosing a beneficiary. Your beneficiary is the individual(s) who will receive the benefits of your policy upon your demise. At Robnett Integra Insurance Services in Brownwood, TX, we’re more than happy to help you select one or more beneficiaries for your life policy. Here are a few factors to consider when making this decision.

Spouse and Children

If you’re married with children, you’ll undoubtedly want to name your spouse as your beneficiary to ensure your family has the financial support they need after your demise. Life benefits can help replace the loss of your income so your family can continue the lifestyle they’re used to after you’re gone. Life benefits can be used to pay your mortgage, buy food and clothing, pay for school or medical needs, or be put in a trust for your children’s college.

Aging Parents

Singles may want to name their parents as beneficiaries to provide financial support in their golden years. If you’re helping your parents now, life benefits will continue providing financial support after you’re gone. In like manner, you can name younger siblings as beneficiaries to provide them with financial support or help put them through college.

Business Partner

If you’re the co-owner of a business, you could name your business partner as a beneficiary so that they can continue the venture after your demise. Life benefits can replace your financial input to keep the business running until your partner can make the proper adjustments after you’re gone.


You can also name your favorite charity as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy to help those in need in your local community.  

For more information about life insurance options, benefits, and costs, call or visit Robnett Integra Insurance Services in Brownwood, TX.

Life Insurance to Protect Your Family

Life insurance plays a vital role in protecting your family.  It can help protect family members should one or both spouses die unexpectedly.  Consider this, if you were to pass, will your family be able to pay for your final expenses and any debts you leave?  Other considerations include covering your children’s future educational expenses.  If there are charities that you support closely, a designation from your life insurance policy can continue that support.  When you begin thinking about life insurance policies, you’ll quickly realize that it can do more than simply provide money for your family after you are gone.  This will naturally bring many questions to mind.  That’s where the knowledgeable agents at Robnett Integra Insurance Service can help.  They’ve worked with families in the Brownwood, TX area since 1947.

Deciding the type and amount of coverage you need will take some thought and work with your agent.  Remember to factor in inflation and estate taxes that will ultimately impact your family.  There are two main types of life insurance policies:  term life and whole life.  Each has it benefits based on your life situation.  Term life is in effect for a specific amount of time.  This makes them cost-effective.  They are also renewable.  However, term life policies do not grow in cash value.  Also, each renewal is more expensive. 

Whole life policies are in effect throughout the policy holder’s life.  They have higher premiums than term life but they will build cash value over time.  Should you ever need it, you can borrow against the policy.

In the Brownwood, TX area, the team at Robnett Integra Insurance Services can help you understand your options.  Call or come in to talk with them.  Your family is important.  Take the step to protect their future today.