How Much Homeowners Insurance Do I Need?

Holding enough homeowners’ insurance coverage to protect you, your belongings, property, and fellow occupants can make you feel secure. But how much homeowners’ insurance should you get? A homeowners’ insurance cover has several basic coverages, and some ‘add-on’ covers that better the protection provided.

To know how much homeowners’ insurance cover you’ll need, you’ve got to consider all the basic coverages and extras that you’ll need to cover any deficiencies in coverage. Read on to learn the step-by-step considerations that you’ll need to make to determine the amount of homeowners’ insurance coverage you’ll need.

Choosing the Amount of Dwelling Coverage

The dwelling coverage element of the homeowners’ insurance cover funds the rebuilding of your house after it gets damaged by a covered loss. The amount of standard dwelling coverage you’ll need depends on the approximate cost of rebuilding your home in your locality. But sometimes, widespread catastrophes may increase rebuilding material costs. 

In such cases, you may need extended replacement coverage that offers more coverage. Or you may need the guaranteed replacement cost, which assures you that your home will get replaced regardless of the severity of the catastrophe or the rise in material and labor costs.

Covers for Other Structures

Detached structures such as sheds and garages often get at least 10% cover under the homeowners’ insurance cover. But if you deem them to be crucial, then you should think about increasing the coverage percentage.

Personal Property Coverage

The personal property coverage protects household items, including clothing, electronics, and furniture. You may choose to get the household replacement option or a cash value refund for the damaged items. But both options get determined by applicable deductibles and policy limits, and most companies give a 50% to 70% limit of the dwelling cover. To determine whether the default amount is enough, you have to first do an inventory check on all your belongings before asking for an adjustment from your insurer. 

Apart from considering the dwelling, adjunct structures, and personal belonging coverage, you’ll also need to consider elements such as personal liability, loss of use, and medical payments that may come after a covered disaster. Evaluating all these elements and your situation will help you determine how much homeowners’ insurance cover you’ll need. 

Get Enough Homeowners Insurance Policy Today

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Do I need home insurance once my mortgage is paid off

The sad truth is home insurance is not required by any state in the union. The only requirement for home insurance is from a lender when they have a lien on your home for the balance of the mortgage you owe. When you pay off the mortgage it is up to you to decide what you want to do going forward. At Robnett Integra Insurance Services in Brownwood, TX, we understand the importance of having your home protected. As independent insurance agents, we have the tools needed to help our customers find insurance coverage for all their needs. 

The simple answer to do I need home insurance once my mortgage is paid off is yes. If you are very wealthy and could easily afford to pay for any repairs or the complete rebuilding of your home then you probably can survive without home insurance. For most other people, this would be a hardship. But property coverage is just one part of home insurance. 

Think about having to replace all your personal possessions. Would that be something you could do out of your savings? Even just replacing all your furniture and appliances would be a huge expense. 

Another coverage home insurance provides is liability coverage. This pays for legal expenses and action against you in the event someone is injured while visiting your home. You are responsible for medical expenses. If they decide to sue you, it could run into six figures. How would you be able to pay a judgment against you? 

When your mortgage is paid off it is tempting to let your home insurance lapse as well. For most people, this is not a good idea and could leave you vulnerable. 

If you have questions about the value of having home insurance contact Robnett Integra Insurance Services in Brownwood, TX. We will answer your questions and explain the many benefits of home insurance. 

What is a home inventory and why you need one

When you buy your home in Brownwood, TX and the surrounding area one of the first things you do is get home insurance. For many folks, it is the first time they have ever had to buy this type of insurance and it is a learning experience. Finding a locally owned independent agency you can trust makes the whole process a lot easier. At Robnett Integra Insurance Services we put the needs of our customers first and we will work tirelessly for you. 

A home inventory is a listing of the contents of your home. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is but doing a good one takes some time and effort. You have options, you can choose to do a video of each room. If you prefer a more simple approach you can write everything on a pad but also take pictures.  Both methods work but it is easier to get all the details of what you actually have with pad and pen. 

Whichever method you choose, supply as much backup as possible in the form of sales slips and receipts. Include manufacturers, models, and serial numbers for electronics in particular. When it comes to jewelry, have an appraisal attached.  

Now that you know what a home inventory is why should you have one? If you need to file a claim for the loss of your home contents, the home inventory will be a valuable tool. It is accepted as the record of items to be replaced and will save you a lot of stress at a time when you don’t need more stress. 

If you are looking for choices, Robnett Integra Insurance Services in Brownwood, TX works with top carriers in the business and will help you to find the insurance that fits your home and your wallet. We look forward to sitting down with you in our office or on the phone to discuss your home insurance and give you a no-obligation quote. 

Three types of damage a standard home insurance policy covers

When you take out a home insurance policy, it’s vital that you understand exactly what’s going to be covered under your policy. At Robnett Integra Insurance Services, we offer home insurance for homeowners residing in the Brownwood, TX area.

The following are three things that you can expect a standard home insurance policy to provide coverage for.

Damage to the interior or exterior of the home structure

The interior or exterior of your home could get damaged in a variety of ways. Your home could be severely damaged by a natural disaster, for example. If this happens, your home insurance will cover you for the resulting expenses. 

Liability coverage for accidents that occur within the insured home

If someone gets injured in your home, you could be held liable for covering the expenses. That’s why home insurance includes liability coverage. 

Lawsuit or medical bill costs from an injury in your home could add up to a great deal of money and damage you financially. If you have home insurance, you don’t have to worry about a liability issue within your home, causing you to lose your assets. 

Loss of possessions through theft of the insured property

If your home is burglarized, you could lose a lot of your most valuable possessions. When you have home insurance, you are reimbursed for the value of any belongings lost in a burglary. 

When you take out a home insurance policy, it’s a good idea to have your possessions evaluated so that you know how much insurance you need to cover the full value of your possessions. 

It’s crucial that you learn as much as possible about how home insurance works and what your options are before you purchase a policy. Get in touch with us at Robnett Integra Insurance Services, and we’ll help you learn about home insurance options in Brownwood, TX.

Will Installing Solar Panels Affect My Insurance Coverage?

Solar panels are fast becoming one of the best ways for homeowners to reduce their energy costs. The question that many people have is, "How will the solar panels affect their insurance coverage?" In Brownwood, TX, the agents at Robnett Integra Insurance Services have the answers to those questions and many more.

Covered by Your Standard Homeowner’s Insurance

Once solar panels have been properly installed, they are considered part of the structure of your home. As part of your home, they will be covered under your existing homeowner’s policy. If they are damaged or stolen, you will be able to file a claim against your policy.

Increase Your Coverage Amount

To make sure the solar panels are sufficiently covered, you will need to report their installation to your insurance agent as soon as possible. Solar panels are an investment and must be treated as such. This could mean increasing the amount of your coverage to ensure you are properly reimbursed if your home is lost in a fire or other devastating event.

Lower Your Energy Costs

It’s important to remember that the energy provided by your solar panels will lower your utility costs and, over time, pay for themselves. Adding a few dollars to your premium is well worth the long-term benefits.

At Robnett Integra Insurance Services, agents serve several communities near Brownwood, TX. Call the office today if you are purchasing solar panels or have already had them installed. The agents can offer you sound advice on how to effectively manage your energy costs using your new solar panels. They can also let you know if any rebates or discounts are available.

Protect Your Brownwood Area Home With a Comprehensive Home Insurance Policy

Robnett Integra Insurance Services is here to provide the comprehensive home insurance policies that Brownwood, TX residents need to keep their houses protected. A comprehensive home policy can make the difference between complete coverage and having some expenses coming out of your own pocket. Let our helpful and knowledgeable agents work with you to determine which policy is right for your situation.

Benefits of Comprehensive Home Policies

With a comprehensive policy, you can select coverage options for situations such as reimbursement for alternative living costs if your home were to become uninhabitable. There are options and features available that provide this extra layer of protection that can make it easier to deal with a covered event. Protecting your family home is very important, and it’s vital that your policy meets your needs in the event that a disaster happens. 

Imagine if the unthinkable happened to your family home, the amount of stress could become unbearable, but with a solid policy, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you and your family have the coverage you need. Our agents will also be able to help you navigate the often confusing claim process. A local agent is going to be there for you if a covered event should occur, this is much better than the 800 number that you will receive from an online insurer. We are here to serve.

Are you in the greater Brownwood, TX area? Call or stop by Robnett Integra Insurance Services today to learn more about the homeowner’s policy options that are available in Texas. We look forward to working with you soon! We want you and your family to be protected and have the coverage you need for your family home.

We Survived The Tropical Storm – Time To Call Your Home Insurance Agent

Unfortunately, when someone is involved in a major weather event like a tropical storm after you secure the safety of your family and your person, thoughts turn to "What’s going to happen to my home?". The fortunate survivors of a tropical storm will want to get their dwelling in the best shape possible as soon as possible. We at Robnett Integra Insurance Services in Brownwood, TX  are waiting for your call.

The time to call your insurance agent is before the storm even comes your way. Find out exactly what your coverages are. Insurance is very specific, you may think you’re covered for a particular item but you’re not. Especially when it comes to weather-related events, it is always good to know before the event happens if you have flood insurance – if you’re living in a place that requires it or if it’s an option. We can help you with that as well as your home insurance questions.

OK, you survive the storm you know what you’re covered for now it’s time to assess the damage if any. If there is no damage – great. However, if there is damage there’s no need to stress yourself out. You have enough work on your hands with getting your house back in order. Call your agent and find out how soon you will be able to submit a claim. Getting the information before takes a lot of stress off of the survival celebration. 

Let’s celebrate survival together. Come in today to speak with one of our agents at. If you like you can give us a call as well or instead of coming in. At 325-646-2886, we are located in Brownwood TX 76801. We’d love to help you today with your boat/watercraft insurance, classic car, flood, life, motorcycle, motorhome, recreational, renters, RV, or umbrella insurance questions.

How will my home insurance policy help me?

One of the best long-term financial decisions that someone can make is to buy a home. If you are looking to buy a home in the Brownwood, TX area, it is important that you take the decision very seriously. One decision that you will have to make that goes along with buying a home is deciding whether or not you should get home insurance. Having home insurance is always a good idea as it can help you a number of different ways. 

Give Your Liability Protection

One benefit that comes with your home insurance policy is liability protection. Many property owners do not properly consider the liability that they are taking on whenever they have someone come to their property. If you have a guest or contractor over and they are hurt, you could be found liable for their injuries. Your home insurance policy will help to protect you against this financial risk. 

Protects Your Asset

Your home is the biggest and most expensive asset you will likely ever own. Because of this, you will want to make sure that you have home insurance in place to protect it. When you have home insurance in place, you will receive coverage if your home is damaged by a storm, fire, vandalism, or a variety of other casualties. 

Having a quality home insurance policy in place is very important for anyone in the Brownwood, TX area. Once you are ready to start shopping for home insurance in the area, you should contact Robnett Integra Insurance Services. The team at Robnett Integra Insurance Services can help you to learn more about the benefits of having home insurance. They can then help you to get into a great policy that provides you with the right type and level of coverage. 

What happens if your home insurance lapses?

You meant to send in the premium but were sidetracked by other things. Now, your home insurance has lapsed and you are wondering what will happen? Is there a grace period beyond the grace period? Can you get your policy back? The agents at Robnett Integra Insurance Services can help when you need to regain financial stability in terms of a home insurance plan in Brownwood, TX.

What does it mean to have a policy lapse?

Home insurance works like any other plan. You have to pay a premium to keep the policy instated and run the risk of losing coverage when you pay late. Insurance companies do not ordinarily drop you if your premium payment is a day or two late. In fact, most state law bars insurance providers from discontinuing service without offering a grace period and a written notice of plans to terminate a policy.

Grace periods range from 10 days to 45 days. Insurance companies are mandated to cover claims during this time even if you do not pay the outstanding balance later. Your insurance policy lapses if you fail to make your premium payment after the grace period ends. You are, technically, without home insurance during this time and, thus, solely responsible for any major damages to your home thereafter.

How can you get out of the lapse stage and back to being insured?

The easiest way to have a home insurance policy after your previous plan lapses is to reinstate your delinquent plan. This option, however, may come with extra expenses that penalize you for failing to keep up with the plan. Such is the reason why some homeowners choose to purchase a new plan when their old one falls into trouble.

The agents at Robnett Integra Insurance Services can help you find the home insurance policy that best fits your lifestyle in Brownwood, TX. Call us today for a quote!