Reasons You Need Boat Insurance

You have purchased a boat or other watercraft and you can’t wait to enjoy it. The best reasons to have boat insurance are the peace of mind, enjoyment, and relaxation on your boat it will bring since you will know it is fully protected by a boat insurance policy. Even though Texas law does not require you to have a boat insurance policy, it is still extremely important for you to obtain one. The boat insurance agents at Robnett Integra Insurance Services in Brownwood, TX understand the importance of having your boat covered.

Types of Boat Insurance Coverages Available

Liability Insurance

When it comes to boat insurance, there are several coverage options available, including liability insurance. A liability insurance policy will help pay the medical expenses and the lost wages of a person who is injured during an accident that is determined to be your fault while riding in your boat or in another boat that is involved in a crash. This also applies to any property damage that occurs in the event of an accident.

Collision Insurance

If you collide with another boat or an object while driving your boat, collision insurance will pay for any damages that you caused as a result of the crash.

Comprehensive Insurance

To fully protect your boat, you will need to have comprehensive boat insurance coverage. If you have a loan for your boat, your lender will more than likely require you to have a comprehensive insurance policy. This type of coverage will protect your investment in your boat if it is damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster, vandalism, or a fire. Comprehensive insurance will also help you to replace your boat if it is stolen.

In Brownwood, TX, the insurance agents at Robnett Integra Insurance Services can assist you will all of your insurance needs. Call for a quote today and get your policy started.

Why do I need boat insurance in Brownwood, TX

Owning a boat in Brownwood, TX is a dream come true. Texas has a lot of registered boats. Only five states in the United States have more boats. With almost 600,000, you are not going to be alone on the seas, lakes, rivers, and ponds in Texas. Boat insurance is not required by law, and you may think that your homeowners or auto insurance will cover you, but it is not guaranteed. It is something that you need to discuss with the professionals at Robnett Integra Insurance Services. 

According to the Texas Department of Insurance, your homeowner’s insurance will offer minimal coverage of damage to your boat. You need to check what that amount is and measure it to the value of your boat. If you don’t own a home and have home insurance, then it is necessary to consider purchasing boat insurance, and even if you do have limited coverage, you need to upgrade to full boat coverage for several reasons. 

Boat insurance covers most of the things that auto insurance covers. To protect you and your assets, you need liability coverage. This will pay for damage to another boat, a dock, or other items that may be damaged by your boat. It will pay for medical expenses if someone is injured. It can also help in the event that legal action is taken against you because of the accident. 

Collision and comprehensive coverage will pay for damage to your boat by covered hazards. You need to decide if you want to have agreed value, the actual value, or replacement cost. All of these are different amounts. 

Having a boat can offer hours of enjoyment. In Brownwood, TX, Robnett Integra Insurance Services can help you to protect your boat and yourself in the event something goes wrong. Stop by our office or give us a call for a no-obligation quote.