How Do I Know If I Have The Right Amount of Auto Insurance?

If you are financing a car, signing up for a lease, or taking out a loan to purchase a vehicle, you will likely be required to provide proof of insurance before you drive the car away. Some car rental companies offer liability only, which may not be enough coverage for you and your family. Call Robnett Integra Insurance Services in Brownwood, TX for guidance. 

What You Should Know 

If you own a car, you should check the amount of your insurance to make sure it is the right amount. Most insurers require a minimum amount of liability coverage, but you may have more than you need. The best way to determine the amount of insurance coverage you need is to calculate how much it would cost to cover the cost of a new car if the car were destroyed in a collision or stolen. 

You can do this by taking your car’s current value and multiplying it by the length of time it would take you to save up enough money for a new car. If your vehicle is worth $15,000 and it would take five years to save for a new car, the coverage amount would be $75,000. 

It’s essential to have enough auto insurance to protect you in case of an accident, but not so much that it puts a strain on your budget. The recommended amount of insurance varies depending on your situation. If you have a new car, you will likely have a higher deductible than if you have an older car. 

The best way to figure out how much insurance you need is to look at your current policy and make a list of everything that it doesn’t cover. Now go through that list and find out what the required minimum coverage is, and if you’re not covered, how much it would cost to buy the additional coverage.


Find different quotes that fit your desired level of coverage. Once you have these quotes, you can use an online calculator to find out how much coverage you need. Most of these calculators will ask you a few simple questions, then give you a recommended amount of coverage. Most importantly, ensure the right amount of insurance covers you. For specialist help in Brownwood, TX, call Robnett Integra Insurance Services.

Teen Drivers and Your Auto Insurance

If you are getting ready to add teen drivers to your auto insurance policy, you should keep a few things in mind. At Robnett Integra Insurance Services, serving Brownwood, TX, and surrounding areas, we can help you navigate these changes. Keep reading to learn more. 

When To Add Teen Drivers

It is crucial to understand when you should add your teen drivers. This will vary from state to state. To be safe, you should add a teen driver when they first get their learner’s permit. This will ensure that your vehicle is fully covered if something happens while your child is learning to drive. 

Drivers’ Education Counts

It is vitally important to remember that your teen will need all of the driving instructions they can get. Putting your child through an approved driver’s ed program is a great way to make sure they are ready to handle driving independently when the time is right. In some cases, completing a driver’s ed program can also help you find good deals on car insurance. 

Zero Tolerance Policy for Phone Use

You will need to enforce a zero-tolerance policy for phone use while driving. Using a phone while driving is a huge contributing factor to teen car accidents and fatalities. Set ground rules early and enforce them vigorously. It is also vital that you lead by example when it comes to phone use in the car. If your teen sees you using your phone while driving, they will not take your rules seriously. This could result in your child being in an accident. 

If you would like to learn more about our insurance services and products, don’t hesitate to contact us at Robnett Integra Insurance Services, serving Brownwood, TX, and the surrounding areas. 

How Can Texans Protect Themselves Against Uninsured Drivers?

Uninsured drivers are everywhere, in spite of the fact that Texas has strict requirements for those behind the wheel. Unfortunately, some drivers fall into the cracks. When you are involved in an accident with somebody who does not have insurance, it may feel as if your life is in total disarray.

The good news is that life does not have to be that way, especially when you protect yourself with uninsured motorist coverage. Robnett Integra Insurance Services helps many Brownwood, TX drivers find the right uninsured motorist coverage for them.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage Helps You

When you are the victim of an accident in which another driver is to blame, you might count on his or her liability coverage to take care of you. What if the other driver does not have insurance coverage at all? Your policy may help you. Uninsured motorist coverage may be the key to preventing serious financial loss to medical bills and property damage.

Consider Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Perhaps the driver at fault for an accident does have some liability coverage, but it is not enough to cover all your financial damages. They may have the minimum insurance, but that does not mean it is adequate. You may be able to rely on your underinsured motorist coverage to fill in the gaps.

How Do You Know If Uninsured Motorist Coverage Is Right for You?

It is always a good idea to have uninsured motorist coverage protect you on the road. If you are unsure about the benefits of this kind of policy, Robnett Integra Insurance Services, which serves Brownwood, TX, may be able to help you determine your optimal insurance plan.

4 Benefits of Auto Insurance

Since everyone is always looking to save every penny, it’s not unsurprising for you to ask why you should spend money on car insurance. With mortgages, college fees, and day to day bills competing for your dollar, you would want to spend your bucks where you are getting value. If you have been viewing investing in car insurance as just another expense, here are the benefits you accrue when you purchase coverage from Robnett Integra Insurance Services of Brownwood, TX.

Liability protection

With over 6 million reported accident cases in America, the likelihood of getting involved in a car accident is high. Unfortunately, when you are legally liable for an accident, you could face property damage and bodily injury claims from other people.

Depending on the accident’s severity, these claims can be costly, putting your assets at stake. The good news is that car insurance can bail you out from such mishaps. 

To protect your assets

Your car isn’t just a mode of transportation. It’s your pride and joy. As such, it makes sense to protect it with auto insurance from perils like accidents, fire, theft, and other risks. By paying now, car insurance saves you expensive losses in the future. 

Medical coverage

When you invest in MedPay or PIP coverage, it can help supplement your health insurance when auto accidents occur. A car insurance policy pays for the medical expenses for you and your passengers.

Peace of mind

Car insurance enables you to enjoy your ride without worrying about the actions of other drivers. While you may do everything within your reach to prevent accidents, this can only stretch as far. Sometimes, you can’t predict the actions of other motorists. As a result, you need auto insurance to enjoy your drive without worrying much about errors from other motorists.

Buy auto insurance in Brownwood, TX!

Would you like to enjoy the above auto insurance benefits? Please connect with Robnett Integra Insurance Services for an affordable auto insurance quote.  

Who needs auto insurance in Texas?

When you are in the Brownwood, TX area, being able to get around the city and surrounding communities efficiently is very important. One of the best ways that you will be able to do this is by getting a car. Along with buying a car, you need to make sure that you get a proper auto insurance plan. There are several situations when you will need to get a full auto insurance plan when you are here. 

Insurance is Required for Those with Loans

A common situation when having auto insurance is going to be a necessity is when you take out an auto loan. If you have taken out a loan to purchase your vehicle, there is a very good chance that your auto loan provider will have insurance obligations that need to be met. To ensure their collateral is covered, this will usually include requiring an auto insurance plan with collision and comprehensive protection.

Insurance is a State Requirement in Texas

You will also need to get an auto insurance plan to comply with state law in Texas. If you would like to drive a car on a public road when you are in this state, it will be important to comply with all state rules and regulations. This state requires all drivers to carry at least a liability auto insurance plan. 

If you live in the Brownwood, TX area, it would be a good idea for you to speak with the team at Robnett Integra Insurance Services. The insurance professionals at Robnett Integra Insurance Services understand the value that comes with a quality auto insurance plan. They can help you assess your situation to figure out what your auto insurance needs are and then give the support that you need to build and choose a plan that is ideal for your situation. 

Do I Really Need Comprehensive and Collision Coverage?

Buying auto insurance can sometimes be a little challenging if you aren’t familiar with the process. One common question our customers ask is whether they truly need comprehensive and collision coverage on their policy. Thankfully, our Robnett Integra Insurance Services team has everything you need to know. Keep reading to learn more.

What Are Comprehensive and Collision?

Before we can discuss whether you need them, let’s cover what they are. Collision coverage pays to fix your vehicle if it is in an accident where your car physically collides with something else, like another car or a mailbox. Comprehensive covers things that are out of your control, such as theft, fire, weather, animals, and more.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage is Not Legally Required

Simply put, not having this option on your policy won’t get you a ticket. Here in Brownwood, TX, it is not a legal requirement to have comprehensive and collision coverage on your auto insurance policy. Comprehensive and collision insurance are considered first-party coverage, which means they pay to fix your vehicle and are optional. The government just wants to ensure you can take care of the other person if you’re involved in a serious accident, which is referred to as liability or third-party insurance coverage.

Have a Loan or Lease? You’ll Likely Need Full Coverage

While it isn’t legally required, there is a good chance your lender requires you to carry comprehensive and collision on your auto insurance policy. Failure to do so often leads to your lender forcing coverage on your behalf and adding the premium to your monthly payment, which can be incredibly expensive. Instead, it is better to seek out this coverage on your own. By working with a local agent, you can ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Ready to learn more about adding comprehensive and collision coverage to your Brownwood, TX auto insurance policy? Please contact our Robnett Integra Insurance Services team today for further details.

Your Auto Insurance Policy in Brownwood

For Texas drivers looking to update their automobile policies, Robnett Integra Insurance Services has an array of policy choices, coverage amounts, and protective policies that are designed to repair damages and get your vehicle back on the road. More important, an auto insurance policy will help cover any medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident. If you are not sure whether your existing policy continues to offer the correct coverage at the best price, we invite you to come in and discuss how our service can ensure that you enjoy adequate protection, coverage, and peace of mind.

Texas Auto Insurance Requirements

Throughout the Lone Star State, our drivers are required by law to have valid auto insurance before hitting the roads and highways of our community. Under existing law, Texas drivers must show financial coverage, typically through an insurance policy, to have $60,000 of insurance coverage per accident against bodily injury and a further $25,000 in damage protection.

Additionally, the law calls for a further $2,500 in personal injury protection, another $60,000 for uninsured motorist bodily protection coverage, and a further $25,000 in policy coverage to ward against uninsured motorist property damage.

Sculpting an ideal insurance coverage plan is what we do at Robnett Integra Insurance Services, and we would like the opportunity to discuss your insurance needs with an eye towards protecting that which is most important to you and your family.

Robnett Integra Insurance Services Serving

When it comes time to look over your Brownwood, TX auto insurance policy, you can rely on the fact that the trusted agents here at Robnett Integra Insurance Services will painstakingly go over your insurance needs and craft a policy that meets your family’s unique driving experience here in Brownwood, TX.

Should Teens Have Their Own Auto Insurance?

When considering whether or not to purchase an insurance policy for a teen, or put them on an existing policy, there are a few things to consider. Anyone who has a teen living in the home will notice changes to the policy if they are added. In contrast, a teen who has a policy of their own will need to be able to meet the responsibility of making the premium payments regularly or having a backup plan.

Teen Drivers

Teen drivers are much more likely to file a claim than older drivers, which is why their policy premiums are much different than an experienced adult driver. If the teen lives in the home and doesn’t own the vehicle in question, they can be added to a parent or guardian’s policy in most cases. It is important to ask an insurance agent how this addition will change the policy before making that decision. If the teen owns the vehicle, they will likely need to have their own policy. In this situation, an experienced auto insurance agent can help weigh the options to make a decision that works best for the situation. 

An Agent is a Resource

Using an experienced agent working for an insurance agency that is established with a solid reputation in the community is a valuable resource. They can walk clients through the process of selecting insurance policies and answering questions to help find options that fit best. Those who live near the Brownwood, TX area should consult with Robnett Integra Insurance Services to get the assistance they need deciding on insurance for teen drivers.

Protect teen drivers with top quality insurance products that meet their current needs. Call or stop by Robnett Integra Insurance Services, serving Brownwood, TX. 

Safe Driving tips for Brownwood, Texas

There are a lot of things to enjoy about living in Texas. When you get away from the major cities, you can appreciate light traffic and the Texan way of life. The thing is, light traffic doesn’t always mean that the roads are safer. Rural and suburban Texas have their own tricks to driving, and Robnett Integra Insurance Services wants to make sure you’re prepared with these driving tips.

Replace Your Wipers Early

Brownwood, TX, isn’t exactly Seattle. There’s plenty of sunshine to get you through the year, but it’s not Phoenix either. You’re going to have to use those wipers often enough, and the summer sun is intense enough to shorten their lifespan. Stay ahead of the game and replace them as soon as they show signs of wear instead of waiting until you’re squinting through a streaky windshield.

Watch for Pedestrians

There’s a common misconception that pedestrians are struck more often in the big city. In reality, it’s the smaller regions that tend to have higher rates of accidents. When there’s less traffic, people can get a little lax in checking both ways before they cross. Be extra wary of pedestrians when you’re on the road to keep everyone safe.

Keep an Emergency Kit

Brownwood, TX, is a great place, but you’re going to have to hit the road every now and then, and you’re not exactly in the heart of the metropolis. Since you know there will be plenty of times when you’re miles away from immediate help, it’s a good idea to keep an emergency kit. Bottled water, a battery charger, blankets, and first aid are a few items that you won’t be sorry to stash if you find yourself stuck on the side of the road.

The last tip is the same anywhere in the country. You need a good insurance plan. Talk to your Robnett Integra Insurance Services representative to make sure you have the right coverage and a good deal.

Does My Insurance Cover a Rental Car If I’m on Vacation?

Going on vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing. The last thing you want to worry about is your insurance coverage. If you fly to your vacation destination, you will normally have a rental car so you can get from place to place. It’s important to know whether your car insurance coverage will cover the rental as well. If you live in Brownwood, TX or any of the surrounding communities, you can turn to the agents of Robnett Integra Insurance Services for the answers.

Talk to Your Agent

While you are making your travel plans, it’s a good idea to talk to your insurance agent. They may be able to provide you with a vacation or travel policy that will cover some of the unexpected emergencies that sometimes occur when you are on vacation.  They can advise you what your homeowner’s and car insurance policies will cover and what you may need a supplemental policy for.

Rental Insurance

When you rent a vehicle, most rental agencies will offer you the option of purchasing additional insurance. While it is more costly than your own, it may be a wise option. This way you are fully covered. By having both your own policy as well as the rental agency’s policy in place, it’s more likely that the entire amount of any damages will be covered.

The agents of Robnett Integra Insurance Services serve residents throughout the Brownwood, TX area. If you live in the vicinity and are getting ready to go on vacation, call and talk to one of their licensed agents. They will let you know what you need to do to be fully covered while traveling away from home.