Teen Drivers and Your Auto Insurance

If you are getting ready to add teen drivers to your auto insurance policy, you should keep a few things in mind. At Robnett Integra Insurance Services, serving Brownwood, TX, and surrounding areas, we can help you navigate these changes. Keep reading to learn more. 

When To Add Teen Drivers

It is crucial to understand when you should add your teen drivers. This will vary from state to state. To be safe, you should add a teen driver when they first get their learner’s permit. This will ensure that your vehicle is fully covered if something happens while your child is learning to drive. 

Drivers’ Education Counts

It is vitally important to remember that your teen will need all of the driving instructions they can get. Putting your child through an approved driver’s ed program is a great way to make sure they are ready to handle driving independently when the time is right. In some cases, completing a driver’s ed program can also help you find good deals on car insurance. 

Zero Tolerance Policy for Phone Use

You will need to enforce a zero-tolerance policy for phone use while driving. Using a phone while driving is a huge contributing factor to teen car accidents and fatalities. Set ground rules early and enforce them vigorously. It is also vital that you lead by example when it comes to phone use in the car. If your teen sees you using your phone while driving, they will not take your rules seriously. This could result in your child being in an accident. 

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