4 Benefits of Umbrella Insurance

As the name suggests, umbrella insurance can save you during a rainy day. This coverage protects you when your typical liability coverages run out, leaving your assets on the line. Unfortunately, most people think that umbrella insurance is for the super-rich. This notion can’t be further from the truth. Umbrella insurance befits anyone earning a livelihood. 

Still not convinced that umbrella insurance is a worthy investment? Here are the advantages you enjoy when you purchase umbrella insurance from Robnett Integra Insurance Services.

It protects your assets

Assume you have been involved in a severe boating accident, injuring multiple persons. Having been deemed liable for the accident, you are expected to pay the ensuing medical and property damage costs amounting to $50,000. Unfortunately, your boat liability insurance limit is $10,000. 

If you cannot cover the difference of $40,000, your assets, including your boat and home, could be at stake. However, if you have umbrella insurance, it takes over where your boat insurance leaves off, protecting your assets. 

It protects you from liabilities not covered by other insurance coverages

The good thing about umbrella insurance is that it saves you against personal liabilities like libel, slander, false arrest, and malicious prosecution that aren’t covered by conventional insurance coverages. Besides, umbrella insurance covers legal costs, including attorney fees and settlement claims.

Provides peace of mind

Since we live in a litigious society, it may cause you sleepless nights, wondering who may be coming for your hard-earned assets. Thankfully, with umbrella insurance, you can rest easy, knowing that your assets are safe from all litigations.

It’s affordable

A popular myth is that umbrella insurance is damn expensive. However, umbrella insurance is quite affordable since it rides on other coverages. And the additional advantage is that it protects you against personal liability wherever you are in the world.

Umbrella insurance in Brownwood, TX

Umbrella insurance comes with the above advantages and many others. Would you like to get umbrella insurance coverage in Brownwood, TX? Please get in touch with Robnett Integra Insurance Services.