Life Insurance to Protect Your Family

Life insurance plays a vital role in protecting your family.  It can help protect family members should one or both spouses die unexpectedly.  Consider this, if you were to pass, will your family be able to pay for your final expenses and any debts you leave?  Other considerations include covering your children’s future educational expenses.  If there are charities that you support closely, a designation from your life insurance policy can continue that support.  When you begin thinking about life insurance policies, you’ll quickly realize that it can do more than simply provide money for your family after you are gone.  This will naturally bring many questions to mind.  That’s where the knowledgeable agents at Robnett Integra Insurance Service can help.  They’ve worked with families in the Brownwood, TX area since 1947.

Deciding the type and amount of coverage you need will take some thought and work with your agent.  Remember to factor in inflation and estate taxes that will ultimately impact your family.  There are two main types of life insurance policies:  term life and whole life.  Each has it benefits based on your life situation.  Term life is in effect for a specific amount of time.  This makes them cost-effective.  They are also renewable.  However, term life policies do not grow in cash value.  Also, each renewal is more expensive. 

Whole life policies are in effect throughout the policy holder’s life.  They have higher premiums than term life but they will build cash value over time.  Should you ever need it, you can borrow against the policy.

In the Brownwood, TX area, the team at Robnett Integra Insurance Services can help you understand your options.  Call or come in to talk with them.  Your family is important.  Take the step to protect their future today.

We Survived The Tropical Storm – Time To Call Your Home Insurance Agent

Unfortunately, when someone is involved in a major weather event like a tropical storm after you secure the safety of your family and your person, thoughts turn to "What’s going to happen to my home?". The fortunate survivors of a tropical storm will want to get their dwelling in the best shape possible as soon as possible. We at Robnett Integra Insurance Services in Brownwood, TX  are waiting for your call.

The time to call your insurance agent is before the storm even comes your way. Find out exactly what your coverages are. Insurance is very specific, you may think you’re covered for a particular item but you’re not. Especially when it comes to weather-related events, it is always good to know before the event happens if you have flood insurance – if you’re living in a place that requires it or if it’s an option. We can help you with that as well as your home insurance questions.

OK, you survive the storm you know what you’re covered for now it’s time to assess the damage if any. If there is no damage – great. However, if there is damage there’s no need to stress yourself out. You have enough work on your hands with getting your house back in order. Call your agent and find out how soon you will be able to submit a claim. Getting the information before takes a lot of stress off of the survival celebration. 

Let’s celebrate survival together. Come in today to speak with one of our agents at. If you like you can give us a call as well or instead of coming in. At 325-646-2886, we are located in Brownwood TX 76801. We’d love to help you today with your boat/watercraft insurance, classic car, flood, life, motorcycle, motorhome, recreational, renters, RV, or umbrella insurance questions.

Does My Insurance Cover a Rental Car If I’m on Vacation?

Going on vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing. The last thing you want to worry about is your insurance coverage. If you fly to your vacation destination, you will normally have a rental car so you can get from place to place. It’s important to know whether your car insurance coverage will cover the rental as well. If you live in Brownwood, TX or any of the surrounding communities, you can turn to the agents of Robnett Integra Insurance Services for the answers.

Talk to Your Agent

While you are making your travel plans, it’s a good idea to talk to your insurance agent. They may be able to provide you with a vacation or travel policy that will cover some of the unexpected emergencies that sometimes occur when you are on vacation.  They can advise you what your homeowner’s and car insurance policies will cover and what you may need a supplemental policy for.

Rental Insurance

When you rent a vehicle, most rental agencies will offer you the option of purchasing additional insurance. While it is more costly than your own, it may be a wise option. This way you are fully covered. By having both your own policy as well as the rental agency’s policy in place, it’s more likely that the entire amount of any damages will be covered.

The agents of Robnett Integra Insurance Services serve residents throughout the Brownwood, TX area. If you live in the vicinity and are getting ready to go on vacation, call and talk to one of their licensed agents. They will let you know what you need to do to be fully covered while traveling away from home.

How will my home insurance policy help me?

One of the best long-term financial decisions that someone can make is to buy a home. If you are looking to buy a home in the Brownwood, TX area, it is important that you take the decision very seriously. One decision that you will have to make that goes along with buying a home is deciding whether or not you should get home insurance. Having home insurance is always a good idea as it can help you a number of different ways. 

Give Your Liability Protection

One benefit that comes with your home insurance policy is liability protection. Many property owners do not properly consider the liability that they are taking on whenever they have someone come to their property. If you have a guest or contractor over and they are hurt, you could be found liable for their injuries. Your home insurance policy will help to protect you against this financial risk. 

Protects Your Asset

Your home is the biggest and most expensive asset you will likely ever own. Because of this, you will want to make sure that you have home insurance in place to protect it. When you have home insurance in place, you will receive coverage if your home is damaged by a storm, fire, vandalism, or a variety of other casualties. 

Having a quality home insurance policy in place is very important for anyone in the Brownwood, TX area. Once you are ready to start shopping for home insurance in the area, you should contact Robnett Integra Insurance Services. The team at Robnett Integra Insurance Services can help you to learn more about the benefits of having home insurance. They can then help you to get into a great policy that provides you with the right type and level of coverage. 

Life Insurance Benefits Singles, Too

If you’re single and have no children, you may feel life insurance isn’t for you as no one is depending on you for financial support. A life policy from Robnett Integra Insurance Services in Brownwood, TX can come in handy for other reasons. Here are a few ways life insurance can benefit you as a single.

Pay for Funeral Costs

If you died unexpectedly, would your loved ones have to bear the burden of funeral costs? Most young singles don’t plan for their funeral in advance. If you take out a life policy, however, death benefits can cover these costs, freeing your loved ones from this responsibility.

Pay for Outstanding Debts

Federal student loans may be forgiven upon your demise, but private loans are not. If a family member co-signed on these loans, they would be responsible for paying them back after you’re gone. Any debts that you accrued with someone else – car loan, mortgage, etc. – would fall on your partner’s shoulders if you were to suddenly pass on. Benefits from a life insurance policy can be used to pay your outstanding debts so your family or friends don’t have to.

Security for Future Family

You may be single now, but what about the future? If you plan to marry and start a family one day, it’s to your advantage to get a life insurance policy when you’re younger as the cost is lower. The cost of life insurance increases as you grow older.

Support for Significant Other

If you’re single but living with a significant other, life insurance can help provide financial support for him or her if you were to suddenly pass on. Your significant other will appreciate your thoughtfulness in providing this financial support.

To learn more about life insurance options and costs, contact Robnett Integra Insurance Services, Brownwood, TX.

Is it time to add your teenager to your Texas auto insurance policy?

Getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage that makes many teens grown up while their parents reach for the antacid. If you have a teenager in your Brownwood, TX area house that is nearing driving age, you may be considering your options for car insurance. Adding your teenaged child to your auto insurance policy is not always as simple as adding their name. You may want to increase certain coverages and policy features. The team at Robnett Integra Insurance Services understands the complexities that can come with covering younger and less experienced drivers on your auto policy.

Are you ready to add your teenager to your auto insurance policy? 

In addition to increasing your coverage amounts when you add your teenager to an auto insurance policy, you may want to add additional benefits. One popular add-on for families with new drivers is roadside assistance. This benefit gives your family the added peace of mind that comes with knowing your child will not be stranded alone in the event of a breakdown or other issue that causes them to need assistance. When you are considering the appropriate policy for all of your drivers, it’s not just collision and damage coverage that you should consider. There are many auto insurance policies that provide services in addition to coverage, and these services may now be of more use to your family once you have a teenage driver.

Ready to learn more about your options for adding a teenage driver to your auto policy, give the team at Robnett Integra Insurance Services a call to set an appointment. If you are in the greater Brownwood, TX area, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your family.

What happens if your home insurance lapses?

You meant to send in the premium but were sidetracked by other things. Now, your home insurance has lapsed and you are wondering what will happen? Is there a grace period beyond the grace period? Can you get your policy back? The agents at Robnett Integra Insurance Services can help when you need to regain financial stability in terms of a home insurance plan in Brownwood, TX.

What does it mean to have a policy lapse?

Home insurance works like any other plan. You have to pay a premium to keep the policy instated and run the risk of losing coverage when you pay late. Insurance companies do not ordinarily drop you if your premium payment is a day or two late. In fact, most state law bars insurance providers from discontinuing service without offering a grace period and a written notice of plans to terminate a policy.

Grace periods range from 10 days to 45 days. Insurance companies are mandated to cover claims during this time even if you do not pay the outstanding balance later. Your insurance policy lapses if you fail to make your premium payment after the grace period ends. You are, technically, without home insurance during this time and, thus, solely responsible for any major damages to your home thereafter.

How can you get out of the lapse stage and back to being insured?

The easiest way to have a home insurance policy after your previous plan lapses is to reinstate your delinquent plan. This option, however, may come with extra expenses that penalize you for failing to keep up with the plan. Such is the reason why some homeowners choose to purchase a new plan when their old one falls into trouble.

The agents at Robnett Integra Insurance Services can help you find the home insurance policy that best fits your lifestyle in Brownwood, TX. Call us today for a quote!